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On Nov. 18th, 2019, Global Gaming Technologies Corp. (GGAM) and StarSpace Group Ltd., signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at Wall Street in New York. The MOU is to develop and expand a framework of closer strategic partnership between the two companies in future blockchain gaming invention and development in all dimension and also the skills and technique sharing in future.

Global Gaming Technologies Corp. is a gaming industry holding company that provides investment exposure to digital interactive entertainment in emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, in addition to eSports and traditional game platforms, such as mobile and console. It is focused on gamifying content using visual cinematics across all platforms. The Company's strategy is to publish games and content that are immersive in storytelling, bold in design, and technologically innovative. The Company is managed by game and film industry pioneers. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with its primary game studio in Los Angeles, California. GGAM is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) and its common shares trade under the ticker symbol "GGAM.U" Additional information relating to GGAM is available on SEDAR at, the CSE at, as well as on the Company's website at

StarSpace offers comprehensive solutions to help you design, develop and market your game from start to finish. We specialize in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for affordable game development company. As one of the top game design and development companies in the industry, our team of 150+ artists, designers and developers have worked on numerous bloackchain games for PC and MOBILE, consoles, web and mobile platforms with latest 5G technologies. StarSpace adapt to the latest tools and frameworks in the market and work with game engines like Unity3D, Cocos2d-x and Unreal as well as technologies like HTML5 and 5G speeds to build high quality games. StarSpace Network is an esports and competitive video gaming platform that facilitates online and live tournaments, leagues and ladders, and acts as a social gaming community for competitive gamers around the world. Launched in 2015, it is the premier destination for competitive and passionate gamers, with over 6,700,000 matches played and over $60,000,000 in cash prizes paid to gamers. StarSpace is owned and operated by StarSpace, a leading entertainment and media company.

The letter of intent outlines a strategic and technique cooperation between GGAM and StarSpace Group Ltd., including system development, new blockchain patents and techniques ownership, advanced training for skilled technicians and gaming concept and creativity. GGAM & StarSpace Group Ltd. will also fully focus on StarSpace’s crypto-currencies, PCD & PCC future application scenario and together to build up these crypto-currencies consensus mechanism.In the future, STARSPACE’s crypto-currencies, the PCC and PCD coin will be the only crypto-currency that can used to purchase GGAM’s company listed stocks on Nasdaq in year December 2020. All new blockchain games that develop by GGAM that collaborate with STARSPACE will fully utilize with PCC or PCD as the electronic currencies.

Commemorative plaques were exchanged at the end of the MOU signing ceremony. It is hoped that through the MoU the GGAM and StarSpace Group Ltd. can work closely to benefit each other as a permanent bond in future gaming industry.




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